Grill The Bear

Over the course of several years, my brother Connor and I have been filming and releasing a series of parody videos on the show Man vs. Wild, featuring Bear Grylls. We've affectionately named the main character (and the series title) Grill the Bear. It's a silly "survival" show featuring all sorts of weird things such as fights to the death with tennis courts, strange cameramen, and of course, flying cougars.

As a throwback today, I'd like to take a moment to sift through these episodes and share with you the entire continuity of craziness. And yes! We are still making these. We have two more episodes filmed that I still need to edit (as you'll know if you've read the Film section's "Goals" tab). 

So, sit back and enjoy the both of us being goofballs.

The first part of the first episode of Grill The Bear, in which our hero must survive the perils of Janesville's dreaded Palmer Park.

The second (albeit much shorter) episode of Grill the Bear.

The first part of the third episode of Grill the Bear, in which our hero survives on an island in the middle of a lake in the Sylvania Wilderness of Upper Michigan.

A memoir remembering the life of Grill the Bear.

The fourth episode of Grill the Bear, in which our hero faces the horrors of his grandmother's house.

Two more are on their way, so be looking for those. Until then, enjoy these :)