The Schedule

Welcome to Caleb's schedule, version 3.0! I've tried doing something similar to this twice before, once on Tumblr and once on Biosgraphy. Third time's a charm, I guess. I'm sure I'll have a bit more motivation to keep up with this however since it costs money to run a website. I can't guarantee that this schedule will continue after the summer is over, but at least during the months of June, July, and August, this will be the schedule for every week, no exceptions. These updates will come in the form of blog posts every day, but much of the time there will be something to supplement it, such as sections from a story I've been writing or a video I finished editing. 

Sunday - I'll kick off the week with a post about life and/or Christianity. A theological concept I've been thinking about, something I've discovered about myself or my life, or just a general update on where I'm at. You'll be able to find these in the  Updates portion of the "Life" tab. 

Monday - Next up I'll post something about stories. Excerpts from a story I'm working on, an update on my progress with said story, or a review of a good book I just read. You can find these in the Updates portion of the "Stories" tab.

Tuesday - Every Tuesday I'll pull out an old blog post, song, story, video, or anything else that I created in years gone by. Other than on Tuesday, every single day I'm going to be challenging myself to release something new, not just a repeat of something I've already said. You can find these all over the different tabs, but if you want to easily find all of them, go to the Blog and find the category "Archives".

Wednesday - This is the day I talk about music. Whether that is a song I wrote (either in lyric form or audio recording), a post talking about a song I wrote, or a review of song someone else wrote, you'll find these in the Updates portion of the "Music" tab.

Thursday - If you didn't know, my brother Connor and I started a podcast around two months ago called "The Christian Artist", where we talk about art from a Christian perspective. Every Thursday, a new episode of the podcast is released, and I'll most likely write a blog post linking to that episode and talking about it in a bit more depth than I do on the TCA website itself. Maybe some behind-the-scenes looks at how we record, what we're talking about, or something else like that. If I happen to be working on something else audio-related, such as recording an audiobook for one of my stories, I'll post about that, too! You can find these in the Updates portion of the "Audio" tab. You can also find the link to The Christian Artist's website in that tab.

Friday - As we draw to the end of the week, I'll tackle a post about film. Sometimes I'll talk about a film project I'm working on at the moment; others I'll show you a video of some sort, such as a behind-the-scenes exclusive or a video log about a day from my week. You can find these in the Updates portion of the "Film" tab.

Saturday  - Last but not least, on Saturday I'll talk about games of all sorts, whether that is video games, role-playing games, or board games. Sometimes I'll do a review on a specific game, other times I'll give you an update on the latest role-playing game my friends and I are playing. You can find these in the Updates portion of the "Games" tab.

Well, that's the schedule! The first post will be up on Sunday at midnight, Central Time. I hope y'all stick around for what should be a fun adventure.