My Favorite Podcasts

Today I'm going to go over a list of my top seven favorite podcasts and tell you why I think you should be listening to them. Stick around, it should be fun. 

7. RELEVANT Podcast

The seventh on my list is one of the ones I've started listening to most recently. Another media outlet of RELEVANT Magazine a Christian magazine that has news about all the latest cultural topics and media, the podcast goes through a very simple list of film and music releases, entertaining slices of news, an interview or two with a musician or author or other-important-person-in-the-culture, and then ends with an editorial question to get people talking in the comments. 

The best part about this podcast is the people who run it. They are a blast. It's a group of the staff members at RELEVANT getting together once a week to have goofy conversations about what's going on in the world. There are so many inside jokes and the podcasters execute on those so incredibly well it has me shaking my head in amazement. They are always able to entertain with me with some silly news story that they ramble on about, and then they go off on twelve different tangents and I'm just listening, cheering them on. 

But seriously, this is a very entertaining podcast. If you've read RELEVANT Magazine and haven't tried the podcast, you should totally do it. If you've never read or listened to anything RELEVANT, you should do both. 

6. Dear Future Josh

If you've known me for a considerable length of time, you've probably witnessed my love of the YouTube channel Blimey Cow. At the very least, that means you've seen me post one of their videos on Facebook. Suffice it to say, I've been following the people of Blimey Cow (Josh, his wife Kelli, and his brother Jordan) for many years now, watching every video they've released and listening to every podcast. 

Recently, Josh, the mastermind behind Blimey Cow, made a podcast of his own, where he talks about his journey being self-employed and working full-time on creative projects. It's a blast to listen to, and I've learned a lot about self-motivation, diligence, and many of the day-to-day challenges of living life self-employed. As someone who hopes to be able to do that one day, this podcast has been invaluable for me. If you're in a similar boat, or love Blimey Cow, give this one a listen!

5. On RPGs

This is the most recently found podcast on my list, but it is definitely the best I've found talking about tabletop role-playing games in all their goodness. The two co-hosts are interesting and bring loads of knowledge from the gaming industry and their own personal lives to give you great advice on running and playing in role-playing games, especially as an adult with responsibilities and not that much time. 

It is because of this podcast that the mega-campaign Istoria (the one I blogged about that my friends and I are playing this summer) came into existence. So, thank you, On RPGs. I also bought two role-playing games because of this podcast and will probably buy more (or at least try out) more based on their recommendations. 

If you like role-playing games, this is the best podcast on it I've found yet. So check it out. 

4. The Inner Tube

This is another podcast from BCAN (The Blimey Cow Audio Network), a collection of the podcasts that Blimey Cow produces, and it is invaluable if you are a content creator on the internet. Seriously. If you are making videos, recording podcasts, running a blog, or anything else like that, check these guys out. Josh Taylor of Blimey Cow and Kevin McCreary are very knowledgeable in their field and know what they're talking about.

And they're extremely entertaining to listen to, as well. That's pretty much all I got to say about that. Check this one out!

3. The Blimey Cow Podcast

This is the first and longest-running podcast Blimey Cow has produced, and I've been listening since day one. I've laughed a lot listening to this podcast, and it's been so great to get to know the Blimey Cow people a little better over the years through listening to them talk thirty minutes a week. 

That's pretty much all this podcast is--listening to Josh, Jordan (and sometimes Kelli) talk about whatever is on their minds. If you like conversational podcasts, and enjoy Blimey Cow, give this one a listen.

2. Nerds on History

This podcast single-handedly revived my passionate love for history. The hosts are unbelievably entertaining, really smart, and have lots to say about some of the coolest and weirdest things that have happened in history. They've talked about everything from cannibalism to toilets. And I can't get enough. I'm currently listening through the back-log of episodes, since I came pretty late to this one, but I'll get caught up eventually, and I'm enjoying every step of the journey as I go. 

I will give a content warning on this one. Though there's not a whole lot of it, there is some questionable content every once in a while--swearing and the like--but most of the time this podcast is simply full of good, clean, entertaining lessons on history.

If you like history...need I say more?

1. Writing Excuses

And so we reach the end of the road. I have learned the most about writing from...well, writing. That is the truth. You always learn the most about a skill from simply doing it. But the second most influential thing on my writing has been and I imagine always will be Writing Excuses. I have so much information on how to write a story stored in my head, and it has helped me so many times during the writing process. 

The hosts are immensely entertaining, and I have enjoyed all of their writing. The content is fantastic and so useful for writing genre fiction. And I cannot wait to use this podcast for homeschooling my children someday to teach them about creative writing. 

If you like writing (especially science fiction and fantasy), you must  listen to this podcast. JUST DO IT.

Well, that's all! Feel free to comment and tell me your favorite podcasts and what you like about them. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks again for reading, everyone.