I so very much enjoy listening to music--especially new music. The thrill of finding a new artist or genre I enjoy is one that I'll never get tired of. So, here's what I'm listening to right now, and following that is a list of all the music I've listened to this year, sorted by how much I enjoyed the album:


2017 Music Listing

  1. South America (The Anatomy of Frank): I finally got to listen to another wonderful album by The Anatomy of Frank. It was so worth the wait. The album is gorgeous and heartbreaking and wonderful. It has such a distinct feel to it, beginning to end, and feels different enough from their other work without straying too far from what makes Anatomy of Frank so amazing; Deep, intense lyrics with a unique musical slant.
  2. Kaladin (The Black Piper): Just in time for Christmas, the Kaladin album was released, and I fell in love. This album is a soundtrack to the book The Way of Kings, which happens to be my favorite book of all time, and it is literally amazing. It has captured my heart and my mind, and I'm not sure I'll be able to view the Stormlight Archive the same way again after hearing it.
  3. Your Lie in April (Masaru Yokoyama): One of the most intensely emotional and beautiful scores for an anime I have ever heard (and that's saying something), the score to Your Lie in April is just a masterpiece in every way. I will always carry this music with me in my heart, and it will still make my heart ache every time I hear it aloud.
  4. Your Name (Radwimps): This score to the Japanese anime film Your Name is just a phenomenal piece of music. Emotion in every note, and a story that plays out in your head even as it pulls the strings of your heart.
  5. Fuuka Sound Collection (Lynn/Saori Hayami): The score for this anime is gorgeous, like most anime, but what really makes me love this album is the Japanese lyrical songs that were written and performed for the show. It's just simply phenomenal music, and I listened to it over and over again, reveling in the sound of it. It's beautiful stuff.
  6. Orange (Hiroaki Tsutsumi): An absolutely gorgeous score for a gorgeous anime. Love listening to this. The acoustic guitar is rich and deep and the music fills your soul with both the happiness of summer and the dead of winter, depending on the piece. 
  7. La La Land (Justin Hurwitz): The soundtrack/score of this film is every bit as wonderful as the other pieces of the movie. Love listening to this. Will probably listen to it for the rest of my life.
  8. Wolves (Rise Against): Wolves is a great new addition to the Rise Against line up, and while I still don't agree with Rise Against's political stances, I can see beauty in the things they talk about, and have an understanding of the passion they feel.
  9. Atlas: Intelligence (Sleeping At Last): The wonderful Ryan O'Neal does it again. These songs are not only new songs in the soundtrack of my life, but they are beautiful additions to Atlas: Year Two and its ongoing saga. I love these songs and I can't wait to hear where Ryan goes next with his music.
  10. Madness (Ruelle): I was so excited to learn that there was a new Ruelle EP out. Connor and I listened to it all the way through as soon as we heard and reveled in the cinematic glory that is Ruelle and artists like her. Great stuff.
  11. Wonder Woman (Rupert Gregson-Williams): It's always refreshing when a superhero movie does music right. That's one thing that DC has leaps and bounds above Marvel...really good music. Marvel has such generic music most of the time that it's virtually forgotten amongst the rest of the film. Wonder Woman makes the soundtrack another tool to create a phenomenal film, and it uses that tool very well.
  12. Where Is My Mind? (The Pixies/Various): I may be obssessed with this song, since I've listened to it on repeat at least like fifty times now, not only the original, which is great and quirky all on its own, but also almost every cover of the song that's ever been made. I made a playlist and everything. This song is just the sort of weirdly sad and quirky music that I love to enjoy.
  13. American Prodigal (David Crowder): Or I guess, just Crowder now, but whatever. Loved this album, and though stylistically, much of it is not of a genre that I usually listen to, I adored it still, because David Crowder is so biblically sound and such a musical and lyrical genius. 
  14. Victoria (Martin Phipps & Ruth Barrett): Watched this wonderful BBC British period drama over Christmas break and I fell in love with the music as well as the characters. Like, seriously, this music is haunting, gorgeous, and everything I expect in a BBC drama.
  15. Stellaris (Andreas Waldetoft): Just starting to get into this game and it is a wonder to behold. The music is no less as wondrous, and has kept me enraptured since the moment I started listening.
  16. Elevation (Really Slow Motion): I don't know how I haven't heard of this artist before now, but this band so far is the perfect mixture of Two Steps From Hell and Audiomachine, and I am so enjoying listening to their gorgeous music. This album in particular is a feast for your ears, to be sure.
  17. The Greatest Showman (Benj Pasek & Justin Paul): I loved this movie. And the music is what made the movie, so I guess I love the music too. It's great, so that makes sense.
  18. Undaunted (Really Slow Motion): Where Elevation does gorgeous and uplifting, Undaunted does gorgeous and determined. With a lyrical song thrown in there to center the entire album, Undaunted makes you want to run and solve all the worlds problems and fix every broken heart.
  19. Binary (Mark Petrie): An awesome cinematic orchestral, trailer-music style album that immediately brings to mind good science fiction stories. A joy to listen to.
  20. Hourglass (AmaLee): This artist primarily does English versions of Anime songs, which is where I first heard her, but she recently came out with this original EP, which is just sooo good. It's haunting and beautiful and sweet and lovely. Check it out.
  21. Beauty and the Beast (Alan Menken): A beautiful recreation of the original soundtrack of the animated film, with added songs that I may have loved even more than the original songs. A beautiful piece of artistry.
  22. ReLIFE (Masami Tsubokuchi/Various): A quirky, fun, but also beautiful anime score, featuring fun jazz piano that fits the mood of the anime perfectly. Also, the lyrical songs in the anime are lovely as well, and really round out the sound of the show.
  23. Earth Day (Relient K): This fun little song is just the kind of goofy yet beautiful-sounding songs that you'd expect Relient K nowadays to make, and though it's literally basically them singing "Happy Birthday" to our planet, it makes me smile just thinking about it.