I listen to lots of podcasts nowadays, and so I thought I'd put a list of the ones I listen to and recommend, in case you want to enjoy them as well: 


  1. Apologia Radio: A great Christian podcast, probably leaning more towards political/apologetics/evangelism discussions than pondering over theology, but it really rounds out what I listen to, I think, with its diversity in topics.

  2. The Soundtrack Show: A new podcast I just recently got into that talks about the music from films, TV shows, and video games and how they’re made (as well as the other parts of the soundtrack, occasionally, such as dialogue and sound effects). It has been such a great resource for learning about what makes a good score, since I have recently gotten into making that sort of music myself, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in the topic, casually or professionally.

  3. Sheologians: A fantastic Christian podcast hosting by two fantastic women from Apologia Church, discussing theology and social issues and everything in between (and beyond). Highly recommended, especially for women. There's a decided lack of good, solid women's teaching these days, and this podcast reverses that paradigm.

  4. The Dividing Line: Dr. James White talks about apologetics, Biblical exegesis and translation, and social issues from a Christian perspective. James White is cutting when he needs to be, gentle when he needs to be, and gracious in all things. Highly recommended.

  5. Cultish: A great new podcast by Apologia Studios that discusses the theology and worldview of different cults around the world.