Here's the list of the role-playing games (and campaigns) I'm playing right now:



  1. The Proanadi: Crow Inquisitors (The Burning Wheel): We're on the third season of this show, and it's get darker and more interesting with every session. The show airs every Thursday at 6:30 PM CST, and using the Burning Wheel rules, we have a blast. Each of the players plays a disgraced criminal turned inquisitor for the Church of Ceran during a time of religious rebellion.
  2. Savage Tide (Dungeons and Dragons 3.5)
  3. The Road Goes Ever On (The Burning Wheel): We did a second session of our in-person The Lord of the Rings game, and though I don't think it went quite as smoothly as the first session, given the fact that we added three more players, it was still a blast and I laughed and smiled so much that my jaw hurt by the end of the night. I love hanging out with those people and this was a great excuse to do so.
  4. Dungeon World
  5. Ping Pong High School (Fate Accelerated)
  6. Gamebound (Uncharted Worlds)
  7. The Four Horsemen (Fate Accelerated)
  8. The Shadows of the Lost (Apocalypse World)
  9. The Proanadi: But Tonight We Dance (The Burning Wheel): We've started on the third season of But Tonight We Dance, and I'm excited to see where it goes next.
  10. The Proanadi: Angels of Seven (The Burning Wheel)
  11. Shipwreckers
  12. Mistborn: Monsters (Mistborn Adventure Game): We're in the preliminary stages of getting this game off the ground, and I'm excited for it. Not only is it the first game we've streamed on Twitch that I'll get to be a player in, but it's only like the third campaign ever I've been a player in (I really don't get the chance to be a player much), and I'm excited.
  13. Some Laws Were Meant To Be Broken (Bonds): My good friend David is having his GMing debut on Twitch! We're playing a one-on-one sci-fi campaign set in a Fate hack that David has been working on called Bonds.