Here's the list of the role-playing games (and campaigns) I'm playing right now:


Elysian Road Small.jpg
Terra Nullius Small.jpg


  1. The Proanadi: Crow Inquisitors (The Burning Wheel): We wrapped up the third season of our long-running Burning Wheel show on Twitch, and man, was it a thrilling ending. There's still so much to explore with these characters and the setting, and while it's nice to take a break from it, I already miss the system and the story we were creating together.

  2. Terra Nullius (Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition): I started GMing another show besides our Friday night game! It has been an absolute blessing to me, as I've become fast friends with the people I'm GMing for (members of the Blimey Cow community that happened to want to join my campaign), let alone how amazing the story we've been building together is. Set in an alternate Earth populated with fantasy elements, our heroes set off from Spain to explore the new world! It's been a blast.

  3. Elysian Road (Stars Without Number): Our new Friday night game is going splendidly, and it's been fun to take a break from our usual fantasy grind to explore new horizons in a science fiction game. I've enjoyed Stars Without Number as a system and I'm excited to see where the players take this game. Also, we added a new player to our roster with this campaign: Our good friend Carly Pinch, current co-host of The Christian Artist with Connor and I.

  4. Humanity’s Garden (Legacy: Life Among The Ruins): The newest role-playing game I’m obsessing with, Legacy is a fascinating look at the hopeful side of a post-apocalyptic narrative, and it’s one I’m intensely interested in. We’ve started a twice-a-month in-person game of this with some of my favorite people, and the world we’ve brainstormed within the rules is such a fascinating look at a secondary world post-apocalypse. I’m really pumped to play.

  5. Show Tunes: I finally managed a workable playtest of my musical RPG, and got to play two games of it over the spring semester and one in the fall semester. They’ve gone really well, and while I'm definitely seeing a few things that might end up being problems later on, I think, for the most part, I have a pretty solid first draft of a game. I can't wait to playtest more and see where it goes!

  6. Masks: A New Generation: A great role-playing game about teenage superheroes and their emotional problems. We’ve done two one-shots with it and they’ve been great fun.

  7. Dungeon World: It's been great to be able to play Dungeon World on and off this year. It's one of the easiest games I have to set up quickly, so I've ended up bringing it along to youth events and wrangling some of the more creatively-inclined teens in our church group to let me be there guide through Dungeon World. It's been an absolute blast.

  8. Untitled Worldbuilding Game: My friend David and I have been hard at work this year playtesting our as of yet unnamed worldbuilding game, and it's been coming together quite well so far. Elysian Road sort of took us all by storm, so we haven't been able to playtest it in earnest quite yet, but I'm excited to see what the future brings with this game. I think it has some amazing potential.

  9. Apocalypse World: We did our first streamed one-shot of this game, and ended up coming up with one of the most fascinating little stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of collaboratively making. A great game with lots of escalation and high stakes.

  10. Fate Accelerated: Fate Accelerated is another go-to for quickly setting up a game, and we've used it a lot to do various one-shots on my channel when a player has been gone.

  11. Fiasco: Another one-shot game we've been using on stream this year so far, Fiasco is so easy to set up and make fun stories with, and I appreciate its existence.

  12. Maid RPG: This. This is a weird RPG. But we had a blast playing it, and it doesn't have to be suuuper weird, as long as you're playing with the right people.

  13. The Proanadi: Angels of Seven (The Burning Wheel): This game has been having some struggles as of late, with scheduling and such, and so it’s on hiatus.