We as humans are always seeking after happiness. We want to have fun, have a good time, enjoy life. There's nothing inherently wrong with that. God, contrary to popular belief, does not want to ruin your life by forbidding you to do anything that is pleasurable. One of the most important function of God's moral law is to save us from pain and heartache--to help us stay away from things that will, in the long run, be incredibly detrimental to us physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually. That being said, God is a God of joy--He wants us to lead fulfilling, complete lives, and He rejoices with us when we are happy. Games of all sorts have been important to every culture in the world as a way of training skills, bonding socially, and simply having a good time. As we continue through this modern era, more ways to play games of all sorts have abounded, and today there are more ways to play, whether by yourself or with others, than any other age in history. I personally enjoy games that allow me to experience a story, or at least an experience that I wouldn't be able to otherwise. Whether it be playing through the history of the world with a video game like the Civilization series, or being heroic in a role-playing game like Dungeons and Dragons, I have learned and bonded and enjoyed so many games that have an impact on my life. And I hope I can share some of those experiences with you.