Here is a list of the video games I've been playing on and off right now:


2017 Video Game Listing

  1. Crusader Kings II: I am having a blast with the Paradox Interactive grand strategy games, and I think this one might end up being my favorite. It's so intricate and complex, and sucks you in for hours.
  2. Doki Doki Literature Club
  3. Stellaris: This game is wonderful.
  4. Tin Star: An incredibly complex, rich, and interesting interactive "choose your own adventure" novel, set in the Old West. Loved every minute, and can't wait to try another play through to see what happens if I make different choices. There's a lot of variability in this one.
  5. Choice of Robots: As a piece of philosophical thought and as a thought-provoking story, this interactive "choose your own adventure" novel was fantastic. Loved the choices I got to make and the heart-wrenching ending.
  6. Ultimate Chicken Horse
  7. The Final Station
  8. Injustice: Gods Among Us: Though a rather simplistic fighting game at first look, Injustice is a very fun game, not only in the fighting portion, but the story around the game is immensely interesting and makes use of the fights as storytelling beats quite well.
  9. A Wise Use of Time: This interactive "choose your own adventure" novel took the concept of "you wake up one day with the power to stop time" and RAN with it. An incredibly fun, interesting story with characters I loved and a great ending.
  10. The Eagle's Heir: This interactive "choose your own adventure" novel was set in an alternate 1800's, where Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo and there are steampunk airships. So that was fun. Good characters, fun breakneck pacing, and lots of options for diversity in the way the story ends.
  11. Psy High: An incredibly interesting concept, Psy High takes lots of fun, memorable characters and gives them all psychic abilities, suddenly manifested as teenagers. It's a lovely school story set on the East Coast, and though it in no way lives up to my favorite interactive "choose your own adventure" novel, Community College Hero, which has a similar style, it was still fun to play.
  12. Lords of Magic: I had a blast streaming a playthrough of this old childhood favorite, and I actually won! So that was fantastic.
  13. Paradigm City: Another "choose your own adventure" novel, and another superhero story. Not my favorite of the superhero Choice of Games I've played, but still fun,