Though I don't watch shows or movies (or plays) as much as I used to, every once in a while I get hooked on a show and I just can't stop watching. Here's a list of the films and shows that I'm enjoying right now:



2018 TV/Film Listing

  1. My Hero Academia (TV): The singular best superhero show, anime or otherwise, I've ever seen. Such earnest storytelling, wonderfully complex characters, and an amazing score that ties it all together.

  2. RWBY (TV): This show is just so good. Solid storytelling, interesting and lovable characters, a gorgeous score with amazing lyrical songs that fit perfectly into the ongoing narrative, and a world that interests me more and more the further gets revealed about it. I watched the entire current run of the show in a week's time, and I don't regret a minute.

  3. Attack on Titan (TV): A fascinating and gruesome anime that not only has incredible worldbuilding, a fantastic score, and a riveting storyline, but it has so many stand up and cheer moments despite its dark nature. I am enjoying every minute in this world, horrible a world as it is.

  4. Calvinist (Movie): This documentary presents Calvinism in one of the most intelligent yet accessible ways I’ve seen. Calvinist is the Christian rallying call back to sound doctrine that is sorely needed in our current culture.

  5. Clannad (TV): It took me a while to finish this anime, but it was so worth it. Wonderfully sweet and cute, filled with great ideas and beautiful characterization. It made me cry a lot.

  6. A Quiet Place (Movie): A+ all around. Beautiful storytelling and aesthetics and a master class on subtlety and minimalism in film.

  7. Kanon (TV): Another beautiful anime filled with wonderful characters and bittersweet feelings. I love sad romance animes, and so this hit my heartstrings in a wonderful way.

  8. Parasyte (TV): This anime is incredibly deep, dark, and complex in so many ways. It delves into themes that are so important, in such a beautiful, haunting, and biting way. The characters are great, the music is gorgeous, and the story is thrilling and wonderfully paced.

  9. Kokoro Connect (TV): Another sad romance anime... I like these a lot. Lots of fun worldbuilding here, with interesting supernatural elements that create incredibly weird and thought-provoking situations that help us delve into human nature and morality. Bittersweet in all the right ways, and with a gorgeous score to boot, this anime tore at my heart in a beautiful way.

  10. Avengers: Infinity War (Movie): Great movie with great payoffs for the franchise as a whole. Character arcs were solid, action was so much fun, and the plotting was well-paced. Remember, when you watch this movie, however, that it's part one of two. I forgot that.

  11. Trigun (TV): A wonderfully deep, philosophical, and complex sci-fi anime. Seemingly silly at first, but in reality unbelievably thought-provoking in both worldbuilding and its philosophical delvings. A morality of nonviolence is on trial here, and its incredibly interesting.

  12. The Incredibles 2 (Movie): I really enjoyed this movie. In a world of lackluster sequels, it stood out as one that was intriguing, did justice to the original characters, and added something great and new to the franchise. Not only do I adore the aesthetic of this film and its predecessor, but I also love the characters and getting to spend more time with them. The themes were subtle when they could have been very heavy-handed, and the plot was surprising yet inevitable in so many ways. The action scenes left me breathless and while there were spare few moments that seemed just a tad bit off in pacing, the majority of the movie was both nostalgically familiar and refreshingly new in the best way possible.

  13. Flavors of Youth (Movie): A beautiful and poignant film on youth, growing up, and the simple things that bring people together.

  14. Solo (Movie): That was surprisingly good.

  15. RWBY Chibi (TV): I loved getting to come back to these characters again in a funny and interesting way. I also love how this show got to explore situations and relationships that we were unable to see fleshed out in the regular show.

  16. Sherlock (TV): I finally got around to doing a complete rewatch of this show and then finishing up Series 4. I'm so, so glad I did. This show is so incredible, in all of its pieces. The characters are deep and complex, the plotting is thrilling, and the cinematography and special effects are extravagant and minimalist at the same time, which is amazing. I loved the way the show ended, and I so very much adored spending time with these characters again.

  17. Violet Evergarden (TV): This was my brother Connor's favorite anime of the year, for sure, and I really enjoyed it as well. There was gorgeous music, heart-touching character moments, and an arc that was beautiful to see in action. The animation is also gorgeous.

  18. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Movie): This movie was far better than it had any right to be.

  19. Ant Man and the Wasp (Movie): A fun romp in the Marvel universe with some fun characters.

  20. Crazy Rich Asians (Movie): Super fun rom-com.

  21. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Movie): A wonderful anime movie with great characters and plot. I loved the simplicity of this film and the emotions it made me feel.

  22. Classroom of the Elite (TV): Another good anime that I enjoyed this year, Classroom of the Elite is an intelligent, complex show with interesting characters and a deep and compelling plot. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and watching them try and fail to get what they wanted.

  23. Bao (Short Film): This was a lovely short film that used a wonderful analogy for raising a child and touched my heart with the feels.

  24. 47 Meters Down (Movie): One of the best shark movies I've ever seen, second only to The Shallows, this movie had a fantastic relationship plot focusing on two sisters, and was compelling in so many ways, from the plotting, to the mystery, and just the experience as a whole.

  25. Conspiracy Theory (Movie): A fascinating film about conspiracy theories, government agents, and high-tension thriller plotlines that keep you on the edge of your seat.

  26. Black Panther (Movie): I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. Despite its obvious pandering to cultural ideologies that have suffocated our current social climate, it managed to pull off a great story with interesting characters and compelling worldbuilding, while still giving us a good message that didn't completely compromise its integrity as a film. Good on you, Black Panther.

  27. Life of Pi (Movie): An incredibly interesting, though strange film filled with fascinating pseudo-religious concepts that I very much enjoy delving into. I loved the twist at the end, and the cinematography and the tension this movie presented were gorgeous.

  28. 5 Centimeters Per Second (Movie): This anime movie was wonderfully depressing and minimalist. It told a remarkably complex story in a relatively little time. I think I still wish there was more to it, but I understand that it had to be the length it was for the story they wanted to tell to work.

  29. Gandhi (Movie): I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It displayed human depravity in an incredibly poignant way, and it made me really, really sad. It made me think a lot about unreached people groups, and the lies that people of man-made religions can find comfort in while still being lost without Christ. And that made me even more sad. It's also a long movie. But it's good. It skipped around quite a bit throughout Gandhi's life, which I was a little confused by at first (it didn't seem like we got enough emotional weight with the things that were happening), but by the end I think it ended up being a very complete story. But, man, gosh, this movie. It's heart-wrenching. Not only because of all the human depravity on display, but also because it attempts to impart a message of peace and non-violence without a Christian worldview, which is an exercise in sad, sad futility. I was about to cry when Gandhi's ashes are thrown into the water at the end of the movie, because, unless Gandhi was reached by the Holy Spirit right before his death, his unbelief in Jesus as the only way of salvation means that he is not with God now. And that really saddens me. I think about what a great legacy he could have left if he had centered his life on Jesus and exemplified Him with his life. Sigh.

  30. Convenience Store Boyfriends (TV): I really liked this anime. While it's not high on my list because it definitely did drag at some points and it took me a while to get through, I still highly recommend it. It has wonderful characters with great, heart-touching moments between them, and the music is to die for. I just wish the main plot had been stronger; I was largely disinterested by the time the B Plot had finished up halfway through the show.